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Jay Jinedra

I Jain Jagruti Mitra Mandal today wish to write which I presume will be given due importance. Today many people amongst you were not even at the age when You can read as easily as you are reading Jai jinendra today or even not born at that time I came in to existence in this beautiful world on remarkable year 1959. Name itself says about existence and cultivation of Patrishi Samaj which has ruled over 35 Royal Villages of Patrishi Chuvala Pradesh. Our elders use to married their children amongst these villages. Name of Royal Villages are as below..

1. Chhaniyar
2. ShankhalPur
3. Kalri
4. Sinaj na Kanpura
5. Rudatal
6. Detroj
7. Khanbhel
8. Adivada
9. Balsasan
12. Kadi
13. Shobhasan
14. Gunjala
15. Kukvav
16. Tuvad
17. Abasana
18. Bechar
19. Katosan Road
20. Shihor
21. Jasalpur
22. Sapavada
23. Sadara
24. Dabhasar
25. Nadishala
26. Kachrol
27. Dethli
28. Rampura -Bhankoda
29. Dedana
30. Hansalpur
31. Adundara
32. Ghelada

During that period like our country our community had limited span for development. Metric or Graduate people are consider as wise as today’s PHD. Early period has limited vehicle of development and communication which resulted in misunderstanding, pre define perception and un healthy competition but our elders were very wise, they were not highly qualified but very clear about the philosophy that the Key to majority of the problem is the Education and religion. The community which has foundation of Education and religion will definitely have Growth and Development. Strong belief in these philosophy had inspire some young blood of our community and they got together and met Shri Jayantilal Amarlal Mehta, Shri Dhanjibhai Devchandbhai Shah and Shri Babulal Dalshukhbhai Shah and the concept got cultivated in seed for the community which has resulted in existence of Patrishi Samaj. Today these seed has cultivated in big tree which has many branches. Any plant need lots of hardwork and care during initial years which was provided by shri Bhogilal Jeshingbhai Shah and shri Sevantilal Dalshukhbhai Mehta.

Chhaniar based Sheth shri Vadilal Virchandbhai shah has first ever accepted Fund Yojna and then after Khambhel based sheth shri Popatlal Maganlal Doshi has accepted Paritoshik Fund Yojna

In Initial Years volunteers used to roam from 8 in the evening to 1 o’clock in the night in hot summer month for exchange of books or new books to community students to maximize development in community. Good amount of funds has been collected in the beginning. Efforts were made to collect fund through arranging drama called “Pattani Jod” and “Shetal ne Kanthe” in 1961 and 1967 in respective years. These funds have been utilized in short term and need to go to community people again has arise. At these point without fail I would like to acknowledge some respected community people who has always provided their excellent support and guidance for permanent Fund their names are sheth shri shantilal chakubhai shah, sheth shri vadilal ravichand shah, sheth shri chimanlal ravichand shah, sheth shri Manshukhlal Chhaganlal shah, Sheth shri Shantilal Manilal Dhiya and many more list is endless….............................

Jagruti Mitra Mandal has been registered as “Shree Jagruti Mitra Mandal” in 1979 under the Trust Act. Mini Address Book and updated Address Book has been published in 1982 and 1986 respectively which contains the address of community people.

Young Blood has entered in Karobari in 1980. To strengthen the bond of community people Kshamapana Samaroh, School and College Shield Yojna, Fee Sahay, College Scholarship yojna has been started.

I was present in the heart of community people but did not have any physical presence. Community’s strong desire and late Kamalaben Popatlal zaveri’s benevolent giving has made my physical presence possible by community office fully operated on 28/04/1996. And today we have made the same office highly furnished and decorative

I am really happy to say that our community people were very kind in giving donations to “Arthik Sahay Skim” for their community brothers who are economically not strong. And today we are able to help of Rs. 200000/- approximately during the year.

Most Beautiful Branch amongst all my branches is “Samuh Lagna” which is most developed branch as of today. We also have “Shree Dasha shrimali Pantrishi Jain Samuh Lagnotsav Samiti”. With Proud today I can say that we are part of the few celebrations which are done with lots of elegance in entire Gujarat.

Most Beautiful Branch amongst all my branches is “Samuh Lagna” which is most developed branch as of today. We also have “Shree Dasha shrimali Pantrishi Jain Samuh Lagnotsav Samiti”. With Proud today I can say that we are part of the few celebrations which are done with lots of elegance in entire Gujarat.

There was huge celebration in 2003 in honor of my completion of 25 years as registered “Shree Dashashreemali Patrishi Jain Educational Trust”. Shree Bhaktamar Mahapujan was held at Shree Gururaj Navkara Parshwanath Tirth Chhatralay which was celebrated with high religious sprite on 21/12/2003 and token of gift has been distributed at the time of celebration.

750 People have taken part in “Tri Divasiy Chh Ri Palit Sangh” starting from Ahmedabad to Shri Dhanap under the guidance and supervision of “ Pa.Pu. Muniraj Shree Vairagyaratnasagarji Maharaj” This was really one of the eternal and unforgettable events and I altruistically extend my gratitude towards this. While uttering this I would like take opportunity to distinguish the enormous Tapasvini “Pa.Pu.Sa.Shri.Prathampragyashriji. Ma.Sa” who has done 72 Fast to keep Jain Sasan Jaivantu. At the same time would also like to acknowledged the “Shankheshwartirth Parana” Occasion which was in true meaning really unforgettable under the guidance of “Munishree Vairagyaratna Sagarji Maharaj Saheb” who has done 4700 Ayambil and whose continuous blessing are always their on us.

We started with Rs.11 as membership Fees and for students we use to deduct Rs. 2 from “Pustak Sahay” as ordinary membership fees. From the collected fees we have arranged tour and after that every “Sneh Samelan” is being completed after tour and now it is one of the activity. This year “Sneh Samelan” was held at “Shri Sherisha Tirth” approximately 22 K.M from Ahmedabad which was attended by 800 members and the presence of members speaks the success of “Sneh Samelan”.

Earlier “Samuh Lagna” was cancelled due to situation but to continuous efforts of members it has started again and this year we celebrated 11th “Samuh Lagna Mahotsav”.

On this note I am leaving past behind since I do not have interest only in history. We can learn and take guidance from history but that can be practiced in present so we will discuss about our present and future.

This year we will be meeting through Website and you can visit me at www.

Website will be helpful in providing information about community and their activity. People of community will come close to each other and they will obtain benefit from website.

This year we are starting scholarship for Medical and Engineering student to promote higher education.

I really wish to talk about breathtaking and cherished occasion of Suvarna Jayanti Varsh were ------------ People were recognize for their participation in donation which was held on 27th December 2009.

My “Rajat Jayanti Varsh” was celebrated in year 1984. “Saga Sau Swarth na” drama was performed three times on 17/6/84, 18/6/84 and 19/6/84 respectively at Jayshankar Sundri Natyagruh. At that year Souvenir was published which contains information of members who donated Rs. 40777/- For Advertisment and Rs.69778/-From non member making total of Rs. 110555/-

Trust has progressed over the decades and growth at Glance:

Year Pushtak Shay Fee Shay Inam Vitran Arthik Shay Kul Milkat Bhandol
1980-81   1185     1445
1984 1000 2000 914   65831
1986-87 9357 3659 1500   16588
(Rajat Jayanti Varsh)
1989-90 8438 5105 928   203136
1994-95 18605 12485 1528   642780
1999-2000 37036 38553 5101 70867 2585794
2000-01 37785 43140 4342 99216 2862623
2001-02 43104 53350 3482 95901 3196376
2002-03 42065 57462 5532 111829 3363187
2003-04 38758 49473 4507 106245 3746960
2004-05 39322 51030 5521 111935 3896351
2005-06 41613 56753 5203 124600 4159626
2006-07 55212 51766 6650 138846 4818726
2007-08 57740 57330 9268 153296 5273580
2009-09 60589 37358 9482 165256 6349605

Indeed a continuous growth………………….

It is clearly visible that donation has been increasing year on year to develop and support community people. And credit goes to all the community people.

“Parivar Parichay Pushtika” was published first time in 1988. This book contains personal detail of community people like age, qualification, Profession, Address, Telephone Number. It was really tough task but Karobari members have done commendable job to complete it. We have published one telephone directory of community in 1999.

New Updated and more attractive and decorated “Parivar Parichay Pushtika” was published in 2001 and every member of the community is maintaining it very carefully

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