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Jay Jinendra

I Jain Jagruti Mitra Mandal today wish to write which I presume will be given due importance. Today many people amongst you were not even at the age when You can read as easily as you are reading Jai jinendra today or even not born at that time I came in to existence in this beautiful world on remarkable year 1959. Name itself says about existence and cultivation of Patrishi Samaj which has ruled over 35 Royal Villages of Patrishi Chuvala Pradesh.

Chhaniar based Sheth shri Vadilal Virchandbhai shah has first ever accepted Fund Yojna and then after Khambhel based sheth shri Popatlal Maganlal Doshi has accepted Paritoshik Fund Yojna.

Jagruti Mitra Mandal has been registered as “Shree Jagruti Mitra Mandal” in 1979 under the Trust Act. Mini Address Book and updated Address Book has been published in 1982 and 1986 respectively which contains the address of community people.

oung Blood has entered in Karobari in 1980. To strengthen the bond of community people Kshamapana Samaroh, School and College Shield Yojna, Fee Sahay, College Scholarship yojna has been started.

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 Shri jagruti mitra mandal
17 mo samuhlagnostav,
Date:- 29/01/2017 sunday,
Samvat 2073Maha Sud-2.
      Na roj rakhel chhe.

Subh Sthal:-Radheshyam Party Plot,
Saurbh school ni same, Nava Vadaj,

 Shree jagruti mitra mandal no kshamapana samaroh Date:02/10/16 Sunday, Time:8:30AM na roj Tagor Hall ma rakhel chhe.